[thesite] codefest 2.0 itineraries..

Daniel J. Cody dcody at oracular.com
Wed Nov 15 22:40:23 CST 2000

isaac wrote:

> fuck. 33f. that's like 0c. the only times i've ever been in 0c weather is
> occasionally in the middle of winter. at night. the lowest i've *ever*
> experienced during the day is maybe 9-13c.
> i know that i ask this all the time, but how do you guys survive?!? you
> haven't even hit winter 'for real' yet, right?

it being so cold right now is a bit of an anomolie.. what is adelaide's
latitude/longitude? about 35° S 145° E?
we're about 44° 15' N 88° 23' W here..well not about, thats pretty much
right on.

you guys have a closer proximity to the eqautor than we do.. so it gets
colder here..

poor elfur, she's about another 20° higher than us.. it *never* gets
warm up there ;)

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