[thesite] evolt jobs app

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Apr 18 12:14:07 CDT 2001

McCreath_David wrote:
> Cool. So I just created a new job, and assigned Adrian, Dean, and myself to
> it. Now when I go to "Browse Open Jobs", it shows up three times. Is that
> because there are three people assigned to it?

yes.. it shows up each of those times because its 'open' for 3 people.
once everyone is 'completed' with it, it wont show up
> Also, when I realized that I had given the job today's date as the due date,
> I went to edit it and it told me I needed to enter a valid number for the
> job. Does an update need a new letter (5-a goes to 5-b)?

ya, the biggest thing i'm still working on is the job numbering.. try
changing it to b or changing it all together

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