[thesite] the stylesheet and the btnbt

mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Sun Jul 22 15:27:05 CDT 2001

> From: Michele Foster
> what about the other sites?  We need  to consider
> what the user expects each button leads too.  What do we do with meo, leo,
> beo and deo?  We could, in fact, change all of them. Then the user's
> expectations will be the same across all of the sites.

That's exactly what we're talking about, Michele.

> Or are you proposing we only change things for feo and aeo?

Oh, heck no. This something that I feel should happen across the domains.
aeo and feo come up because they are in process, and we can make the changes
now, as opposed to going back and retrofitting like we'll have to for the
other sites.

> aeo isn't really an issue since its intended audience is not the general
> public, and I don't think it will be linked from the main navigation at

Well, maybe it will be linked up at the top, conditionally. I hadn't thought
of that, and I'm not sure exactly what condition we would use, but it's a

And it is an issue because we're going to be using the interface that we
have on several other sites. Breaking interaction standards on our very own
internal site without reason is a Not Good Thing.

> I think we should consider the impact across all sites before we agree to
> this.  Consistency is important.

Consistency is the prime motivation behind the discussion. :) Consistant,
predictable tools and interaction.

> So, let's assess what we have already .. these are only suggestions:

[... good suggestions snipped ...]

> The more sites we add, the more chance of people not knowing they exist.
> The top navigation that we have now (Join, Browsers, Lists, Tips, Members,
> Directory), I think is not obvious enough.  Any suggestions?  Links on the
> black nav bar, Evolt Sites: yadda yadda?

I think the top nav actually could be enough, but maybe it needs a label
like "the evolt network" or something (I don't actually like that particular
suggestion, but it show the direction of thought).

I think it could also help to mention some of the other sites in the FAQ for
each site.

We might also consider having the some form of "What is evolt?" in each and
every domain's FAQ, because you never know which of these domains will be
someone's first *eo experience.

> Anyway, some things to think about.



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