[thesite] voting for articles

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Oct 4 08:49:37 CDT 2001

>What do other people think of anonymous ratings and comments?


> Would this problem be a non-problem if thelist account information
> was the same as the www.evolt.org account?

alleviated, perhaps, but i see them as unrelated issues

a universal evolt userid is somewhere on the list of things to do

copying one user table into another is a good interim strategy
until the permanent solution (single user table), however, we would
be wrong to copy without plenty of explanation and warning to
evolt members and subscribers

and what to do about userids that are in one place now
but not the other?  the synchronization problems are horrific

consequently the copying does not happen frequently, and
the separate tables fall further and further out of sync

actually, i may be over-simplifying -- i don't know how
list subscriber users are stored, they may not actually be
in an oracle table....

anyhow, the objective should be only one table

if i were king of the world, developers would never
be allowed to create a second copy!!

which is why i'm not king of the world

see, in real life, these things do happen -- e.g. an email to
subscribe at example.com can be processed by a listserv which keeps its own
file of subscribers, and you'd be nuts to try to patch the listserv
software to write into an oracle table


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