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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 30 22:11:01 CDT 2002

> From: "Michele Foster" <michele at wordpro.on.ca>
> I know what you are saying .. and yeah, those things can be asked on
> theforum, it they need to be at this time.  But then the questions
> become
> (1) While discussing ways to pay for evolt.org, do we want to consider
> dropping the entire beo project?  As has been said in the past, we're
> not desparate at this point to get the cash in hand "right now".  We
> are however working on and discussion various options and ways in
> which we can cover our costs in the future.  IOW, if we were a company
> looking for outside financing, we don't stop all work/business while
> we wait and determine where the next round of financing will be coming
> from.  (That's not the best analogy .. but I think you get my point.)

see isaac's post on theforum... he asks about bandwidth costs, and
this does seem to be a concern...

as for costs and the like, your perspective isn't quite the same as
mine... relying on person for funding *is* a short-term issue, but
that's all on theforum... i only mention it to address your reference
to it...

> (2) Not sure I understand what you are getting at... but if you are
> talking about asking for corporate sponsonship donations .. that'll
> have to be negotiated/determined on a case-by-case basis .. after
> theforum has decided how they wish to proceed.

erm, no, that's not what i was asking, but since i'm leading the
sponsorhip discussions on theforum, i know they're already chatting
about it...

> (3) Other ideas .. yes .. run the development specs by theforum, as
> common courtesy and just in case something is missed and if the new
> development specs will conflict with anything theforum has in the
> works.

i'd run them by them for general approval for anything beyond clean-
up anyway... i've never done anything on the browser archive without
passing it by dan to make sure i don't hose the servers, and without
passing it by admin as well...  running them by only as a courtesy is
a little too late in the process to be courteous...
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