[thesite] CSS Files

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 3 19:23:00 CST 2002

> > the other comments i like, although now i'm wondering if there's a
> > better way to track changes to users don't have to download the
> > extra few bytes...
> perhaps one comment which says: "changelog in /css.txt", and then
> throw the info in there? still accessible to anyone, but not being
> downloaded unnecessarily.

not a bad idea... still simple, still available, doesn't rely on anything else...

> > one of the things i wanted to ask folks here is about moving some
> > attributes out of the main CSS file and calling them via @import...
> > those attributes would be "line-height", "padding" and "margin"
> > since those are the styles that hose NN4.x... IOW, is it worth it to
> > split them
> i do like that idea (and use it in some of my sites), but could that
> unnecessarily complicate things *should* a style-changer be
> implemented?

yes, which is why i'm wondering if that will ever be implemented in v2... i think
i asked jeff, but haven't heard back...

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