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Sat Jul 22 13:48:21 CDT 2000


: From: Walker, Matthew <Matthew.Walker at cdc.org.nz>
: > Part of the beauty of developing in Fusebox is it's portability.. Root
: > relative paths would impede that, and cripple the methodology, right?
: The reverse I *think*.

from my experience it makes more sense to *not* use cfinclude with root
relative paths.  instead, make them document relative and you can move the
site around and it will still work (provided things like datasource is set
up, any custom tags are installed, etc.).

: I would have thought if you wanted to refer to some
: module it would be nice to always be using the same
: link.

you can still use the same link, just make it document relative.  as long as
the module doesn't change it's location within the site structure, the link
will always work.

: The other thing is, if you don't have access to the CF
: server, you need to put your custom tags in every folder
: you call them from, possibly having to duplicate the tags,
: is that correct?

yes, this is correct.  however, how many times do you use the same custom
tag in multiple directories?  if you do then there's a simple solution.  put
your custom tag at the root (or if you have alot of them in a custom_tags
directory in your root).  then, any directory you need to use that custom
tag simply put a file with the same filename as your custom tag with nothing
more than a document relative cfinclude to that custom tag.  now you only
have to have the one copy but you can use it in as many directories as you

good luck,


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